Hire just one courier company for all your delivery needs in Singapore

If your business requires various forms of delivery services (for example, document deliveries, E-commerce items delivery, business goods restocking), you will need to decide whether to hire just one courier company or different courier companies for your various delivery needs. I will advise you to go with the former choice – just stick to one courier company for all your delivery needs in Singapore. For the records, there are not many courier companies in Singapore that offer different types of courier services. Check out http://www.pcamasters.com/courier-delivery-singapore for one such Singapore company.

Of course, this to some people is putting all your eggs into one basket, and I don’t deny this. I believe that this will be a carefully calculated risk. Unlike stock investment where it may be quite difficult to predict stock movements, you can actually better predict the reliability and efficiency of the courier company by going at its current and past performance. You will just have to make sure that the courier company you choose is very reliable and trustworthy.

By choosing just one courier company for all your delivery needs in Singapore, here are some benefits:

parcel delivery

1. Reduced coordination time
If you have just one courier company to liaise with, you will find it much easier to coordinate with the courier company for your delivery needs. Sometimes, you can even collate the list of different delivery service requirements and mail it to the courier company all at once. Compare this to generating different lists of delivery service requirements and mailing them to different courier companies one at a time. You will need to send more mails and make more calls if you liaise with more courier companies.

2. Better pricing
Courier companies treasure their customers, especially if they bring good business for the courier companies. Discounts will be given for bulk purchases. In fact, if the volume is higher, the discounts will be higher. The discounts can be quite significant if the volume is stacked up really high. For instance, you may earn yourself or your company 5 to 10% discount more if you collate the volume together. This will give you a better pricing as compared to the situation where you thin out the volume across different courier companies. You will generate more value for your company.

3. Consistent quality
If you make a bet and it turns out to be a good bet, you will reap great rewards. If you choose a really reliable courier company, you will be getting consistent delivery quality. Your deliveries will reach your intended recipients on time and you will not have to worry about the deliveries.

Of course, the downside to this strategy is the risk of putting your eggs into one basket. Do your homework and work with a reliable courier company.

Documents courier And Bike Dispatch Locally

Ever needed to send a document urgently? Struggled to find a bike dispatch service in Singapore? Here are some tips to help you find the right courier company to partner with.

  • Determine your requirements. Do you need to send boxes of documents per day, or do you only need to send a few pieces of papers? This has got more to do with the mode of transport. If you need to send boxes of items, then you’ll need to engage van courier services, as it is likely that bikes would not be able to deliver it for you due to it being too bulky. Some courier companies only has couriers on vans, while others only on bikes, while others have a mixture. Try to work with those that offer a mixture and the full range of courier services and transport.
  • Cannot find a courier last minute? Your courier company can’t fulfill last minute orders? Sometimes, it’s their fault, sometimes it’s the customers’ (your) fault. To prevent this, you should always let your appointed courier company know about any courier delivery requirements as early as possible. This is to ensure that they have sufficient planning time and manpower to help solve your courier delivery on time. For example, if you need to perform a delivery within 15 minutes, and you only called the courier company 1 minute before the delivery, chances are, nobody can fulfill it unless they happen to be within the area.
  • Research. There are lots of courier companies out there, and only few great and trusted ones with superior customer service support. If you have regular deliveries, try to talk to them first to find out about their operations and more important find out about their customer service support. There may be times where you may require an extraordinary delivery or something messes up. You must know how they intend to solve it, or at least know that it’s a company that works hard at customer service support rather than throwing it one side.

In short, know who you’re working with. I personally work with www.pcamasters.com for most of the times for deliveries within Singapore. For deliveries to other countries e.g. our business partners in neighboring countries, I use Speedpost. For further countries, I use Fedex and DHL (alternate).

Items Courier Delivery Process In Singapore?

How are items being picked up, processed, kept and delivered among courier companies in Singapore like PCA Masters Singapore?

Of course, although each company has its own way of doing, this is a common way  it happens.

  • First of all, the courier company would usually dispatch the nearest rider or driver to your location. This is to save the greatest amount of time. However, if your item to be delivered is not ready so quickly, always make sure to let the courier company know in advance, or you would get lots of rude shocks where the courier turn up at your place only not to be able to pick up the item (in such a situation, you would generally be charged waiting fees).
  • Second of all, the courier will pick up the item to be delivered from your specific pick up point. You would not need to send the item to a office or warehouse for them to deliver it. That’s the biggest benefit of having a courier company work for you, it saves you so much time and efforts!
  • Third of all, the delivery man will usually deliver your item immediately after pick up if you had ordered the urgent delivery service. Otherwise, the courier will usually attend to other deliveries and work first and when he or she is near the area of your recipient, then he or she will then pass the item to the intended recipient.
  • Not every company will provide tracking and / or successful notification once the package or document has been delivered. From my experience, it’s definitely better to work with a company that does that instead. This is because I usually only courier very important items which need to be delivered promptly. I need to know whether my items have been delivered. It’s really frustrating and stupid if I do not know whether my items have been successfully couriered to the intended recipient!