State of Document Deliveries In Singapore

As I have mentioned in my previous posts about selecting a good courier company for your document dispatch service provider, here are some general talking points about the entire document courier dispatch industry in Singapore.

First of all, most document delivery in Singapore are conducted by private courier companies all around Singapore, and most of these courier companies operate from a Monday to Friday schedule. Only a few courier companies are open on Saturdays, and almost all are closed on Sundays. This is because most other businesses which may need to deliver documents are also closed on Sundays and some are closed on Saturdays. Thus, there is almost nobody to serve on Sundays, and so courier companies are almost always closed on that.

Second of all, most couriered documents are performed on an ad hoc basis. Few companies have the exact same documents to be delivered on the exact same day for every week or every day. Therefore, most courier companies simply work with a courier company with which they will engage on an ad hoc basis. Most van deliveries are regular and restocking of goods from the warehouse to the retail outlets.

Third of all, most courier companies execute document courier deliveries using bikers. This is because bikers are able to get through heavy traffic and from one location to another usually significantly faster than that of a car or van courier. As such, urgent document courier deliveries are almost always performed by a biker than a driver in Singapore. Additionally, bikes are also cheaper, and hence, the savings are passed on to the consumers. This is the reason why bike courier charges are significantly cheaper than that of van courier charges.

Fourth of all, most document courier firms in Singapore have various cut off timings. For example, if the order for a courier delivery is made only after a certain time in the day, then there would either be surcharges or simply treated as an urgent delivery, and the relevant surcharges would apply accordingly.

Fifth of all, most document couriers deliverymen will also only take items up to a certain size. This is because items (e.g. 5 parcels of documents) larger than a particular size will only be able to be fitted and transported safely via a van and not a bike. They will either reject the job or simply charge higher rates and get a van to pick up and courier your documents instead (if it’s put into a box). This is usually the case for courier firms in Singapore.