Documents courier And Bike Dispatch Locally

Ever needed to send a document urgently? Struggled to find a bike dispatch service in Singapore? Here are some tips to help you find the right courier company to partner with.

  • Determine your requirements. Do you need to send boxes of documents per day, or do you only need to send a few pieces of papers? This has got more to do with the mode of transport. If you need to send boxes of items, then you’ll need to engage van courier services, as it is likely that bikes would not be able to deliver it for you due to it being too bulky. Some courier companies only has couriers on vans, while others only on bikes, while others have a mixture. Try to work with those that offer a mixture and the full range of courier services and transport.
  • Cannot find a courier last minute? Your courier company can’t fulfill last minute orders? Sometimes, it’s their fault, sometimes it’s the customers’ (your) fault. To prevent this, you should always let your appointed courier company know about any courier delivery requirements as early as possible. This is to ensure that they have sufficient planning time and manpower to help solve your courier delivery on time. For example, if you need to perform a delivery within 15 minutes, and you only called the courier company 1 minute before the delivery, chances are, nobody can fulfill it unless they happen to be within the area.
  • Research. There are lots of courier companies out there, and only few great and trusted ones with superior customer service support. If you have regular deliveries, try to talk to them first to find out about their operations and more important find out about their customer service support. There may be times where you may require an extraordinary delivery or something messes up. You must know how they intend to solve it, or at least know that it’s a company that works hard at customer service support rather than throwing it one side.

In short, know who you’re working with. I personally work with for most of the times for deliveries within Singapore. For deliveries to other countries e.g. our business partners in neighboring countries, I use Speedpost. For further countries, I use Fedex and DHL (alternate).