Items Courier Delivery Process In Singapore?

How are items being picked up, processed, kept and delivered among courier companies in Singapore like PCA Masters Singapore?

Of course, although each company has its own way of doing, this is a common way  it happens.

  • First of all, the courier company would usually dispatch the nearest rider or driver to your location. This is to save the greatest amount of time. However, if your item to be delivered is not ready so quickly, always make sure to let the courier company know in advance, or you would get lots of rude shocks where the courier turn up at your place only not to be able to pick up the item (in such a situation, you would generally be charged waiting fees).
  • Second of all, the courier will pick up the item to be delivered from your specific pick up point. You would not need to send the item to a office or warehouse for them to deliver it. That’s the biggest benefit of having a courier company work for you, it saves you so much time and efforts!
  • Third of all, the delivery man will usually deliver your item immediately after pick up if you had ordered the urgent delivery service. Otherwise, the courier will usually attend to other deliveries and work first and when he or she is near the area of your recipient, then he or she will then pass the item to the intended recipient.
  • Not every company will provide tracking and / or successful notification once the package or document has been delivered. From my experience, it’s definitely better to work with a company that does that instead. This is because I usually only courier very important items which need to be delivered promptly. I need to know whether my items have been delivered. It’s really frustrating and stupid if I do not know whether my items have been successfully couriered to the intended recipient!