Quick Guide On How To Courier Items In Singapore

Have you ever engaged courier service in Singapore?

If you have, you might have noticed there will be different rates depending on which company you engage and what type of courier you require. There are namely couriers on bikes and those driving vans. The ones which ride bikes usually cater to smaller items while the van ones take anything that can fit into the van!

In any case, this post is to help out those people who need to courier an item but have never done so before and are worried about all sorts of things. I seek to answer your potential queries through this post so that you can order in confidence.

1. How are items couriered in Singapore?

Usually, for most small items / parcels which can be fitted into the box on the back of a motorbike and documents, they will be transported and delivered using a deliveryman on a bike. However, for everything else, the courier company will allocate a van for your delivery (sometimes they use cars).

2. Timings

Next, other than the mode of transport used for couriering your items, it will be the timeframe within which your requested courier service must be completed. There are times where you must get an item to certain places (e.g. banks) before they close for the day. This is urgent and you need to work with a trusted Singapore company to get your items safe and sound there on time.

The standard courier service in Singapore, if you were not to specify anything, would usually be carried out within the same day before 6pm. Therefore, take note, especially if you’re an expatriate or simply a person who have never engaged such services before, to specify timing(s) if required. Don’t miss out this point! *** Important ***

Some companies also allow for the ability to let you choose very specific timeslots and timings during which / before / after you can get the items picked up or received.

3. How to choose a company?

First of all, you need to decide what your requirements are. Although there are companies which are good at both van and bike deliveries in terms of their services and rates, most companies are better at either one. Also, some companies give high volume discounts while others do not. There are also many nasty companies like Gogovan which actually has lots of hidden clauses within their application… (You will suddenly be stunned with lots of additional loading charges after the courier arrives at your pick up location!!!)

If you need regular deliveries, then chances are, you should find companies which are reliable and also provides some form of volume discounts. This is so that you do not need to constantly worry about your deliveries from a day to day or week to week basis while still getting your items delivered safe. A good and trustworthy company for this choice is PCA Masters.

Next of all, if you only need ad hoc van deliveries (e.g. once in a year or a long while), then Regent is a good choice. They’re quite reasonably priced.


Alright, so the above should help you understand more about engaging a courier in singapore for yourself.