Hire just one courier company for all your delivery needs in Singapore

If your business requires various forms of delivery services (for example, document deliveries, E-commerce items delivery, business goods restocking), you will need to decide whether to hire just one courier company or different courier companies for your various delivery needs. I will advise you to go with the former choice – just stick to one courier company for all your delivery needs in Singapore. For the records, there are not many courier companies in Singapore that offer different types of courier services. Check out http://www.pcamasters.com/courier-delivery-singapore for one such Singapore company.

Of course, this to some people is putting all your eggs into one basket, and I don’t deny this. I believe that this will be a carefully calculated risk. Unlike stock investment where it may be quite difficult to predict stock movements, you can actually better predict the reliability and efficiency of the courier company by going at its current and past performance. You will just have to make sure that the courier company you choose is very reliable and trustworthy.

By choosing just one courier company for all your delivery needs in Singapore, here are some benefits:

parcel delivery

1. Reduced coordination time
If you have just one courier company to liaise with, you will find it much easier to coordinate with the courier company for your delivery needs. Sometimes, you can even collate the list of different delivery service requirements and mail it to the courier company all at once. Compare this to generating different lists of delivery service requirements and mailing them to different courier companies one at a time. You will need to send more mails and make more calls if you liaise with more courier companies.

2. Better pricing
Courier companies treasure their customers, especially if they bring good business for the courier companies. Discounts will be given for bulk purchases. In fact, if the volume is higher, the discounts will be higher. The discounts can be quite significant if the volume is stacked up really high. For instance, you may earn yourself or your company 5 to 10% discount more if you collate the volume together. This will give you a better pricing as compared to the situation where you thin out the volume across different courier companies. You will generate more value for your company.

3. Consistent quality
If you make a bet and it turns out to be a good bet, you will reap great rewards. If you choose a really reliable courier company, you will be getting consistent delivery quality. Your deliveries will reach your intended recipients on time and you will not have to worry about the deliveries.

Of course, the downside to this strategy is the risk of putting your eggs into one basket. Do your homework and work with a reliable courier company.